Clean Energy

for two planets


with flying windmills

of the type Stormbird.

This energy is 5 times cheaper than oil.

Hothouse-gasses at once far down! The goals

of the climate-top Paris can be reached easily.




Read . See film 




A net of powerfull 50-MW-cloudwindmills, gathering

energy where enough energy is: high-up under the clouds.

The COP21-climate-decision is there. Now the realization!

For the history of the Sturmvogel-development see

Positive survey of TU Delft + International Innovation Award of DSM for level 1.  Now level 10 .

Clean Energy sources in the modern IQ-Society


Bypassing bad scenarios. Surprise Solution Energy.

cDNA , cG and ccE

cG : clean Government

ccEclean cheap Energy.